What makes a mobile payment success story


One of the biggest moves we have recently made as a society has been toward mobile operations; this has meant not merely being able to receive phonecalls wherever we are, but to be able to get information, work, receive instant messages and emails and data, anytime, anywhere. You can run an entire business without leaving your bedroom.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that businesses themselves have begun creating important and essential apps to help us conduct our own businesses with ease. Consider, for example, mobile payment apps.

As Information Age.com points out:

“The industry is continuing to grow in the US as Samsung, Google and PayPal announced payment services to rival Apple Pay. However as things hot up in the US, Europe will be the battlefield for the foreseeable future. The myriad of technologies that power the industry are finally reaching maturity, just as the infrastructure needed to support the systems reaches fruition. The UK is high on the list of target markets, but, overall, banks are still concerned about security and fraud issues.

Visa’s European roll out of tokenisation in April, paved the way for Apple Pay, amongst others, to provide a solution that’s more convenient than typing numbers into a keypad.”

Going mobile has done a lot for businesses. As Small Business Chronicle notes:

“The latest generation of mobile phones makes it possible for your business’s employees to access and use the same business communication facilities that they have in the office. Employees can now remain in contact with the main office and work efficiently and productively away from their desks, whether they’re at home, traveling or working on other sites.”

This is essential for engaging with clients. New technology has meant all sorts of advantages for making the interaction with clients easier, less bothersome and smoother. Consider just finances: Whether it’s electronic bank transfers, debit order collections, or instant access to bank statements, you can be seated right next to your client working with actual figures so that there is no miscommunication about where money currently is. This let’s you get on with the business you are paid to do, rather than sitting with paperwork trying to locate someone else’s money.

As we note the rise of mobile payments and apps, we must be aware of where we sit in regards to our business dealings.


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